Welcome to a powerful business networking organization —

Stamford Business Network.

Experience a no-nonsense results-oriented approach to business networking and achieving your goals!

If you are looking to expand and grow your business, there are many business networking groups to consider. Stamford Business Network is the strongest of them.

With over $3.3 Million in closed business in 2016 ($72,000 average per member), our inspired group of over 40 professionals meets every Friday with a specific agenda and strategic objectives.

During this forum, our members build a more effective business network through warm referrals, and provide businesses with services that offer quality and value to help them grow.

What sets Stamford Business Network apart from other networking organizations is a distinct culture of passion, commitment, and camaraderie. This unique synergy is apparent in mentoring sessions, business problem-solving luncheons, and in professional collaborations — allowing members to take on and succeed at projects they might not consider doing alone.

If you’re looking to improve and accelerate your business results with solid warm referrals, or enhance your business with professional quality services, contact us today. And take your business networking to a whole new level of success!