Relationship Marketing

We believe in Relationship Marketing

The Stamford Business Network is anchored in the principal that building long-term relationships fosters a deep sense of trust and cooperation that leads to the best referrals.

Relationship Marketing refers to a business-building technique in which each Member’s business grows as a direct result of the quality of the relationships he/she develops. The Stamford Business Network provides the foundation around which these relationships are fostered and nurtured; our mentoring programs help ensure that even new members have the tools they need to succeed — no member is ever left out.

We are committed to meeting weekly

Members of the Stamford Business Network are committed to meeting weekly as a group to sincerely learn about each others’ businesses so that we can not only recognize valid opportunities for each other, but give warm or personal introductions. In addition, members regularly meet with one another to discuss mutual opportunities for new business outside of the formal group setting.

Our referrals have a higher and quicker close rate

As a result of our belief in Relationship Marketing and commitment to each others’ success, referrals in the Stamford Business Network tend to have a higher — and quicker — close rate, are less price-sensitive, and in turn tend to be more inclined to refer you to their customers.

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