Warm Referrals = Closed New Business

We often hear people say, “A warm referral from a happy client is the best form of advertising that we can have.” Nothing can be more true than that, as evidenced by the sales appointment I went on today.

The happy client to whom I refer provides services to law firms throughout the United States. (They’re a happy client of mine because I helped them take control of their website and online presence after another provider disappointed them.) This client of mine is in an ideal position to introduce me to other attorneys, which makes them an excellent networking resource.

During a routine meeting with one of their clients, it was mentioned that the attorney was not happy with his existing website and online presence. My client (an excellent networker!) did precisely what I would want her to do — she listened, and then said, “I know someone who can help!”.

On Friday afternoon, she sent an email to the two of us, offering a “virtual introduction” and encouraging us to connect. I reached out immediately and suggested a meeting.

That meeting took place today — it lasted less than thirty minutes. The client was “pre-sold” on me, thanks to our mutual networking friend. I had no selling to do! I walked away with a new client, thanks entirely to the power of business networking! Proving once again that warm referrals = closed new business!

If warm referrals could help your business grow, contact Stamford Business Network and visit one of our upcoming meetings.

About the author

Andrew Lehrfeld is Principal at Internet Presence LLC, a company specializing in improving online presence for small businesses and professional services firms. Andrew has been developing effective websites and improving online presence for companies, organizations, and individuals for over 20 years.